Stinky Pete (stinkypete) wrote,
Stinky Pete


Sometimes I sits and thinks to myself, and sometimes I just sits.

There's so much that's happened, I don't even know where to start. Mom's remarried, Dad's re-divorced.

I'm finding myself completely antisocial, and and oddly, equally alone. Now, I understand that it's stUpid to feel both ways at the same time, but, I'm the master of the impossible, I suppose.

You know how people can sometimes think that you are so something you are not? Well, whats up with people you don't like trying to be your friend? Being too nice is a problem, I guess. If I was a bit more insensitive, I wouldn't care how they felt, and I could be done with them.

Or how about when people think you are something more than you really are? I'm no god, just a simple man, but there are those who are in awe of my skill, or personality, or both. Then I have this overwhelming feeling like I have to perform, to live at the level that others have come to expect.

Ok, so reading the first couple of paragraphs, I'm sure you're positive that I'm the "obvious" king of humility. It's so true.
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