Stinky Pete (stinkypete) wrote,
Stinky Pete

Ok, thursday it is. Any number of crazynesses today. I can't find my cell phone this morning. I wonder if I left it at home. Most distressing. Though, I did think that I had it earlier. I did, I did left it at home.

Jeff is proving to be must awkward in the manner of a sturgeon, out of water, for the very first time. Still creating political nusances. Gah.

mojo mail is pounding our mail system. I'm concerned about the stability of a mail system that bogs down under an additional 150 messages every five minutes. I mean, where are the hangups? What is my bottle-neck? Mysql lookups are slow, sure, but are they that slow?

In researching maildrop, I find the newewst version has a mysql lookup support, so that I may be able to do per-user quotas. I wonder where the filter stuff ends up. Got to build a new server to be able to test that though.
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