Stinky Pete (stinkypete) wrote,
Stinky Pete

Ok, now Jeff is grumping to the boss about not being used. Last night the boss said he was like a fish out of water, and that he'd stormed out of the office and went home yesterday because one of his ideas didn't get used.

I guess I feel two ways about it. I mean, the bos says that he trusts me, and will take my opinions over Jeff's any day, which is quite a compliment. But I also see where Jeff would be uncomfortable, and trying desperately to fit in.

They've been in a meeting together for slightly over an hour now, and the raised voices are aproaching a muted roar. Well, ok, I'm waiting for Jeff to storm out again, but, well, there you go.

Prill is wandering 'round the office. I told her to either go home 'cause she didn't feel good, or to get something to eat. She hasn't eaten anything since yesterday sometime, or possibly not even then. I know she feels all bad and stuff, but it's not going to help her to be without caloric intake. She wanted to know if she could be helpful, and I told her she could box up the stuff in my car for me, but that was before I knew that she hadn't eaten anything today. Grrr. So when she asked for my car keys I didn't give them to her. Not that the car is locked, so if she's going to be stubborn, I'm not going to stop her.
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