Stinky Pete (stinkypete) wrote,
Stinky Pete

Ok, ok, I know it's been a long, long time. Not my fault. I've been busier than a one armed taxidermist. Prill's lost her job and is feeling all guilty about erasing some data accidently while she was getting rid of personal files. I've volunteered to take care of the problem, should it be desired by her former employer. Not that I particularly want to go do that, but if it helps Prill sleep at night, then it's good with me.

Work's been insane! Friday was bad, Sunday the company we outsource support to had trouble with a dialup provider, not significant, since we are supposed to be taking up that particular burden. But, no techs in on Sunday, not good. I came ijn and delt with some calls, then called some techs in. Monday was hellish, massive amounts of calls, everyone was rushing around, nobody certain what to do, ad nauseum.

Today, I'm supposed to be working on Emerald. I need to re-arrange my office to enable me to work on a test server. When emerald is up and running, I'm going to want to look at getting all of our systems getting integrated. The question is, how do we specify if a person is using our linux host as opposed to the 2k server? I can make both work out of ldap databases, and emerald will export to ldap.

Employment Security and the IRS are after me now. I've got to get delSol stuff finalized and finished. It's just killing me.
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