Sometimes I sits and thinks to myself, and sometimes I just sits.

There's so much that's happened, I don't even know where to start. Mom's remarried, Dad's re-divorced.

I'm finding myself completely antisocial, and and oddly, equally alone. Now, I understand that it's stUpid to feel both ways at the same time, but, I'm the master of the impossible, I suppose.

You know how people can sometimes think that you are so something you are not? Well, whats up with people you don't like trying to be your friend? Being too nice is a problem, I guess. If I was a bit more insensitive, I wouldn't care how they felt, and I could be done with them.

Or how about when people think you are something more than you really are? I'm no god, just a simple man, but there are those who are in awe of my skill, or personality, or both. Then I have this overwhelming feeling like I have to perform, to live at the level that others have come to expect.

Ok, so reading the first couple of paragraphs, I'm sure you're positive that I'm the "obvious" king of humility. It's so true.

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My mom is living with a guy. Now, firstly, we know the guy must be a real pus, 'cause she's tried to sleep with him, and say's he's too shy. Well, ok. I guess if you had to have a real opposite from my Dad, it'd be a week-willed half-man. 'Course mom could scare the balls off a guy too, maybe that's what happened.

The other thing is that she raised me to be all moral and stuff, and now she's living with a guy. A couple of years ago she'd have quit talking to me if I'd moved in with a chick. Well, whatever. It just gives me the gripes. People change, and you can't really do anything about it. But some things you sort of expect to be static, like parents. I don't know why, it doesn't make any sence, really, it's a kid thing.

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Well, cursed mailmax has struck again. I had great hopes as to getting the emerald data converted. Not today. I was all tied up until almost 4:00pm with it. Then I checked e-mail, answered a few phone calls. I've downloaded the new redhat 7.2.9 beta, and am burning it to cd as I type this. Am working on upgrading NagIOS as well.

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I know I'm terrible at regular posts. I feel very upbeat this morning. The sun is pouring in through my office window, and things are realatively low stress. All is well with the world. The problem with euphoria, when it's not a chemical one is that it's highly undependable. Most unfortunate. 'Cause you know the rest of the world is going to work hard at making you see it at thier level.

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Ok, thursday it is. Any number of crazynesses today. I can't find my cell phone this morning. I wonder if I left it at home. Most distressing. Though, I did think that I had it earlier. I did, I did left it at home.

Jeff is proving to be must awkward in the manner of a sturgeon, out of water, for the very first time. Still creating political nusances. Gah.

mojo mail is pounding our mail system. I'm concerned about the stability of a mail system that bogs down under an additional 150 messages every five minutes. I mean, where are the hangups? What is my bottle-neck? Mysql lookups are slow, sure, but are they that slow?

In researching maildrop, I find the newewst version has a mysql lookup support, so that I may be able to do per-user quotas. I wonder where the filter stuff ends up. Got to build a new server to be able to test that though.

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Ok, now Jeff is grumping to the boss about not being used. Last night the boss said he was like a fish out of water, and that he'd stormed out of the office and went home yesterday because one of his ideas didn't get used.

I guess I feel two ways about it. I mean, the bos says that he trusts me, and will take my opinions over Jeff's any day, which is quite a compliment. But I also see where Jeff would be uncomfortable, and trying desperately to fit in.

They've been in a meeting together for slightly over an hour now, and the raised voices are aproaching a muted roar. Well, ok, I'm waiting for Jeff to storm out again, but, well, there you go.

Prill is wandering 'round the office. I told her to either go home 'cause she didn't feel good, or to get something to eat. She hasn't eaten anything since yesterday sometime, or possibly not even then. I know she feels all bad and stuff, but it's not going to help her to be without caloric intake. She wanted to know if she could be helpful, and I told her she could box up the stuff in my car for me, but that was before I knew that she hadn't eaten anything today. Grrr. So when she asked for my car keys I didn't give them to her. Not that the car is locked, so if she's going to be stubborn, I'm not going to stop her.

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Ok, ok, I know it's been a long, long time. Not my fault. I've been busier than a one armed taxidermist. Prill's lost her job and is feeling all guilty about erasing some data accidently while she was getting rid of personal files. I've volunteered to take care of the problem, should it be desired by her former employer. Not that I particularly want to go do that, but if it helps Prill sleep at night, then it's good with me.

Work's been insane! Friday was bad, Sunday the company we outsource support to had trouble with a dialup provider, not significant, since we are supposed to be taking up that particular burden. But, no techs in on Sunday, not good. I came ijn and delt with some calls, then called some techs in. Monday was hellish, massive amounts of calls, everyone was rushing around, nobody certain what to do, ad nauseum.

Today, I'm supposed to be working on Emerald. I need to re-arrange my office to enable me to work on a test server. When emerald is up and running, I'm going to want to look at getting all of our systems getting integrated. The question is, how do we specify if a person is using our linux host as opposed to the 2k server? I can make both work out of ldap databases, and emerald will export to ldap.

Employment Security and the IRS are after me now. I've got to get delSol stuff finalized and finished. It's just killing me.

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Ok, I've got a meeting at 1:00 to talk to some folks about several impossibilities. Firstly our telco provider has made switch programming errors, and our 5 new t1s aren't working properly. You know the story, busy signals or this number is no longer in service when you call. Secondly, there's no way to push new phone numbers to dialup customers.

Our new accounting software people are not returning my call, so I'm having trouble making a permanent desision about the future radius server that we'll be using. I really need to hear from them beofre too much time goes by. It's killing me.

One of our dialup chassis is rebooting spontaniously, making our phone tech's job a miserable hell. The replacement chassis isn't working right either despite Tauvix and Geoff's attempts to make it work.

The new tech offices still aren't cleaned up, and so, before too long, we're going to have a staffing failure.

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The names have been changed, but the life is real. Seriously, however, all hell is about to break loose. I've got about fifty things that need to be done today, and there's only me. Thankfully I've got help from Tauvix and Billy. I'vegot a meeting with the king potato in about 2 minutes. Many of the little nuances of the day will be resolved then. 'Coarse a "quick" meeting seems to run about two hours. I'm anxious, but pretty upbeat, with a fierce, almost burning excitment. Many cool things are afoot.